3 D Chocolate Moulds

Made in India


H-01 Taj Mahal Mould 5" X 5" X 5"

H-02 Taj Mahal New Mould Size 10" X 10" X 10"

H-03 Champagne Bottle H-04 Aladin Lamp

H-05 Hen H-06 Stiletto H-07 World Cup H-08 Cricket Bat

H-09 Cricket Ball

H-10 Modak 93 X 93 X 105 mm (Around 4")

H-11 Ganpati Size : 170 x 150 x 160 mm high

H-12 Pram

H-13 Laughing Buddha

H-14 Couple Mould No.1 (Brushed with gold dust)

H-15 Swan Mould

H-16 Wine Glass

H-17 Pistol & Bullets

H-18 Teddy Bear

H-19 Camel

H-20 Arabic Coffee Pot

H-21 Couple Mould No.2

H-22 Car

H-23 Football

H-24 Arabic Lantern

H-25 Santa Claus With Gifts

H-26 3D Santa Claus 135 mm

H-27 3D Santa Claus 150 mm

H-28 Fairy with candle

H-29 Eifle Tower H-30 Railway Engine H-31 Car 2 H-32 Bunny With Egg Cup
H-33 Bunny with Egg H-34 Bunny With Egg Cart H-35 Hippo H-36 Mushroom Hut

H-37 World Cup 125 mm (5")

H-38 Heart with Base

H-39 Mini Modak 13 gm

H-40 Mini Modak 22 gm

H-41 Modak Mould  4.7"

H-42 Modak Mould  9"

H-43 Easter Egg

H-44 High Heel Stiletto (Pump Shoe)

H-45 Couple Mould No 3

H-46 Big Ben

H-47 Easter Egg

H-48 Ladies Purse

H-49 Ganpati No 2

H-50 Lipstick

H-51 Santa Clause 300 mm

H-52 Santa Clause 520 mm


H-53 Small Bottle




Making Modak Chocolate Using Cacao Double mould no H 39

Download how to make Small World Cup H-37

Download Demo making Taj Mahal