Lollypop Sticks & Stand

Lollypop stand 16 Pcs & 32 Pcs


Lollypop Sticks

Lollypop Sticks Plastics

4.5",6", 9" &12"

Lollypop Sticks Paper

4.5",6", 9" &12"

Paper sticks are made of FSC-certified natural wood fiber. They are completely biodegradable and will cause no damage to our environment.
Compared with wooden sticks, rigidity is comparable but without splinters and far better mould resistance.
Compared with plastic sticks, it has satisfactory flexibility with higher rigidity. Paper sticks are made of natural wood fiber and are safer

Paper stick

Wooden stick

Plastic stick



No splinters




Mould resistance




Lollypop Sticks(Heart Shape)

Suitable Lollypop Bags available

Lollypop Sticks(Heart) available in two colours (Red & Pink)

Suitable Cacao™ Chocolate Mould no. 275