IBC Belgium Colours



Creative Powder Scarlet / 25gr: KLE 010 104


Chocolate Colours


Orange   / 100g:       KLE 013 009

Plain & Simple Range : Matt Dusting Powders

Matt dusting Powders. 100% Edible

Salmon Cream Shadow Grey Light Teal

Sky Blue Magic Mint    

The Edible Silk Range : Luster Dust

Metallic and Pearlescent based Powders. 100% Edible

Pearl Vanilla Mist Pearl Crushed Pine Pearl Lemon Sorbet Pearl Peach Paradise
Starlight Lunar Lilac Starlight Atomic Tango Starlight Comet White  

The Edible Shape Range

We colour ideas to obtain solutions.

For many years Lesepidadoís leading brand, the Vivy line has offered a wide range of food colourings available in many versions. From airbrush colours to those in powder, also including sprays, glazing agents, gels and more. Vivy products have health and the environment at their heart and are also available in azofree versions. They do not alter the taste and quality of the products and they respect the legislation of the countries in which they are sold. Lesepidado also offers the possibility to personalize other products such as wrapping, labelling and certifications according to the specific demands of every client. Available in a wide range of colours and types, Vivy products represent the perfect solution for making all types of confectionary product attractive and unique. Because looks also counts.

Powder Lake

Description: Colored powders with pastel effect ideal to color in mass oil-based products as chocolate, cream, cocoa butter, etc.

Using employ:  Add powder to mass product or dilute powder with ethanol to use it for decorating products using a brush. If you dilute powder much more you can use it by airbrush machine.

152011 Powder lake Ribo-Yellow AF 25 g 
152008 Powder lake Violet AF 25 g 
152012 Powder lake Orange AF 25 g 
Powder Pearl

Description: Colored powders with pearled effect ideal to decorate any edible surface. You can use them to color oil-based mass (lipo) but you donít see pearled effect in this case.

Using employ:  Dilute powder with alcohol and using them by brush or dilute it much more with alcohol and use it by airbrush machine.

151134 Powder pearl Bright Gold AF 25 g
151177 Powder pearl  Light Gold  AF 25 g
151005  Powder pearl Copper  AF 25 g
151136 Powder pearl Cobalt  AF 25 g
153001 Powder pearl Green AF 25 g
151186 Powder pearl Sky Blue AF 25 g
Powder Water Soluble

Description: Colored water soluble powders with pastel effect ideal to color water based mass as whipped cream, cocktails, etc.

Using employ: Add powder directly to mass product to color.

154001 Powder water soluble  Orange betanat E160a AF 25 g
154002 Powder water soluble  Pink E120 Cocciniglia AF 25 g
151042 Powder water soluble Blue E 133 AF 25 g
151043 Powder water soluble Black E 151 AF 25 g
151044 Powder Water Soluble White E171 AF 25 g